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highmaintenancelioness asked:

What is it about the pictures of women being slapped that you find so attractive? Is it the control factor?




Such a great question. Because it’s a kink, right?  So it doesn’t necessarily fall under what everyone would consider…hot.  And maybe you don’t either, I don’t know.

I think if you asked ten different people you’d get ten different answers, but I’ll try to answer from my perspective as best I can.


Control?  Yes, to an extent…but for some reason any time anyone mentions control my mind recoils from it.  It’s not the control that I’m after, it’s the power that an expression of control implies.  Maybe I’m putting too fine a point on it.  But it feels powerful. 

Mutual gratification

I am sadistic to an extent, but I’m a good natured sadist.  I play with masochists.  I don’t slap to injure but to excite.  The women I play with are excited by the pain.  I’m excited by causing it.  Win-win.  So why do I do it?  Because it turns me on.  Because it turns her on. 


Too much of anything gets boring.  But that contrast, like salt and caramel…that sharp bite with the silky’s better together.  A long slow deep kiss punctuated by a slap.  She startles and finds me gazing hungrily at her.  I reach back and grab her hair and jerk her head sharply back, but then softly lick kiss her neck…then bite it. 


Never knowing what’s next can heighten an exchange.  Kneeling over her, sliding my fingers between her legs, spreading her out, one hand on her throat, the other in her pussy, then a slap on the pussy.  Altering the rhythm, faking a slap, or just not slapping at all…she never knows what’s coming…that’s also a very powerful feeling.

Excellent answer


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